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Fizzy is an editorial project that is being founded in an economic scenario which is still weak and uncertain.

Our motivation still seems valid and stimulating: the sustainment, through an editorial initiative, the marked subversion that is imprinting the market, in the high-end sector, wellness, contracts, real estate….

From the results of recent research, in fact, we have found in businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, an insistent and precise inclination towards change, of products and/or processes, aiming not only towards mere survival, but towards uncertain success.

These changes, which have become urgent in today’s economic model, often follow a precise direction: widening of the original market, through sales of brand licenses, extensions and applications of the brand to new products and services, and possibly even more incisive, the concentration on new “tailor-made” products. Marble, metal, mirrors and textiles have been freed from the standard rules, and have modeled themselves toward personal needs, influencing and interfering with the building, manufacturing and hospitality markets, but also upon those of wellness, high-tech, fashion and services.

To decode and interpret these trends, and to continue with the changes in course, FIZZY was created, the new magazine and the new app.

FIZZY aims to coagulate around a single concept: change to grow, the interests and objectives of many companies in Italy that have understood that adopting new strategies is now an incontrovertible necessity.